Infinistorm is run by a big band of superheroes.  It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Infinistorm saving your business one server at a time.

About Infinistorm LLC - Indianapolis Website Designers

Infinistorm LLC, founded in January 2007, is a technology consulting company located in Indianapolis, IN. We specialize in helping companies to embrace technology and use it to increase sales/profit, decrease expenses – both actual and opportunity expenses, help make workloads for employees easier, and make your business run more efficiently in general. We realize that our success is dependent on how successful we can make your business.

Alex Baker and Joshua Starr, founders of Infinistorm, each have a ton of experience in Information Technology and website development.

Baker originally founded a web development company in 2003, which later became Infinistorm. He worked as a graphic designer for several years and won a Silver Key in a national graphic design competition in 2003 as well. He also has a great understanding of search engine optimization and has been vital to the success of SEO projects. Baker runs the day to day operations of Infinistorm as well as manages projects for Infinistorm’s customers.

Starr’s knowledge of networking, software development, and database design is a key asset for Infinistorm’s success. His passion for technology and dedication to making the most scalable IT recommendations help to make sure customers stay satisfied with their projects and equipment. Starr operates and maintains the infrastructure of Infinistorm and also assists in the creation and development of projects for customers.

How Infinistorm Does It

Typically, we do this through several different avenues. One avenue we use to reduce costs and increase sales is by building a website infrastructure that is cost effective and easy to manage. We build custom database driven content management systems (CMS). Our InfinityCMS is a custom built package to help make sure your website is as easy to manage as using word processing software. The customized pieces for your website are scalable, easy to use modules for pages such as products/services or testimonials.

Another avenue is optimizing your website for search engines. There are several steps to do this that we include to make website easy to read and crawl for search engines. Our InfinityCMS has built in features to help search engines know when you have updated content on your website.

Lastly, we analyze business processes and the business’s IT infrastructure and design scalable recommendations for making the business more efficient. Whether it is an automated robotic tape backup system, scalable data storage, or automating tasks such as shipping label printing, Infinistorm has been working to save businesses money since day one.