Joshua Starr, Chief Technology Officer

Joshua Starr

Chief Technology Officer, Infinistorm LLC

Joshua first got involved with computing when he received a computer instead of a game console for Christmas. Little did Joshua's parents know that they had inadvertently set him on a career path that would last a lifetime.

Joshua has been interested in software development since he was 11, when he wrote his first text adventure using BASIC. 18 years later, he finds the passion still burning strongly as he designs and develops software applications for businesses. He has experience designing and implementing large scale computer networks, database design, computer vision and web application development.

During his college years he spent 3 years working as a software development intern for Rose Hulman Ventures developing computer vision software for a startup company called Elastic Image.

When he isn't busy implementing his development ideas, Joshua enjoys playing video games and coming up with new ways to change the world.

Relevant Education: B.S. Computer Science - Indiana State University, B.S. Information Technology - Indiana State University

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