Cloud Backups

Posted On: 10/2/2009 6:35:05 PM by jstarr

One recent technology that is making the rounds is cloud-based storage.  That is, backup services that exist online.  Your data is transferred to an online remote location via either a schedule, or automatically as the files change.

Cloud backups are a great option for a well-rounded disaster recovery plan.  Here's why.

  • Cloud backups are offsite, eliminating the need for a bank deposit box
  • Cloud backups can store multiple differential copies of your files
  • Cloud backups can be accessed from anywhere with connectivity
  • Cloud backups generally won't require user interaction
  • Cloud backups are encrypted and secure
  • Cloud backups can easily expand with your storage needs

Those are just a few reasons.  With so many 3rd party vendors out there offering cloud storage, the potential options can feel overwhelming.  One company that has stood out for us is Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) -- they offer a Cloud Backup software solution that can backup SQL Server and Exchange on the fly among many other software packages.

This is a big deal, because the goal is to have redundant backups without interrupting the regular infrastructure processes.

We are familiar with establishing best practices 'Cloud' backup strategies, so please let us know if you have any questions or are interested in finding out more.

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