Embracing the Cloud

Posted On: 9/18/2009 7:59:20 PM by jstarr

Cloud computing is a pretty new buzzword that has been making the arounds in the industry.  Many people don't quite know how to describe what "Cloud" computing really is.  I'm here to help you understand it a bit more.

Cloud computing is a term used to describe dynamically scalable, and often virtualized resources that are provided as a service over the Internet.  In other words, it's a remote Infrastructure that a cloud provider manages for you.

The end user doesn't need to have knowledge, control, or expertise over the infrastructure in the cloud that supports them.  In other words it's entirely hassle free for the end user.

As a customer, you might want to rent a few virtualized servers to run your custom business applications on.  This is a win for businesses because they don't have to invest in an entire network infrastructure at their headquarters to run the applications that they need. 

For example, it is possible to run Microsoft Exchange 2007 in the cloud, and leave it entirely up to the cloud provider to take care of it's availability and performance for a fraction of the cost that would be required to have it running in-house. 

Infinistorm offers various Cloud strategies for needs of all sizes.  It's a great way to quickly and effectively take your company above the competition without requiring a huge investment in infrastructure.

If your company isn't yet embracing any cloud technologies, or want to know more, send us an email.  We would be very happy to discuss what we've done for other companies in the past.

Embrace the cloud.

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