Facebook Pages Advancements

Posted On: 9/15/2009 6:50:01 PM by adbaker

In the past few weeks, Facebook has made some significant strides in the way of Facebook pages.

For those of you unaware, Facebook Pages is the business profile pages.  These pages went from looking nothing like a user profile to looking the same and now deeply integrating with user profiles.  As a business owner, Pages gives you statistics like your demographic information, how often people interact, or what the quality your posts are.

When Facebook unveiled their "username" URLs, at first they did not let Facebook pages have the URLs.  Then they did but you had to have 100 fans. Then a month or so later, if you had 50 fans you could do it.  Now recently, they allow anyone over 25 fans to their page to have a username.

Very recently, Facebook released their Facebook Pages to Twitter app that automatically updates your Page to a linked Twitter account to help businesses manage their social networking campaigns easier.  See it in action here.

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