Infinistorm on WZPL Z99.5 with Smiley Morning Show

Posted On: 10/22/2009 10:37:22 AM by adbaker

Earlier this morning, WZPL, 99.5 in Indianapolis, talked to Infinistorm about Windows 7. 

In the interview, we talked about some of the great new features of Windows 7.  The new task bar, which is much improved, has these great active previews of your current windows that are open.  So if you have five Internet Explorer or Firefox windows open, you can see a preview of each webpage that you have open.  Also if you're watching a video, it even shows an active preview of that.

We also talked about the Libraries of Windows 7 with Pictures, Music, and Movies.  As well as the reasoning for the security pop-ups/notifications in both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

For additional Windows 7 tips or to get answers to your Windows 7 questions, check out @MicrosoftHelps on Twitter or tweet at us to answer your Windows 7 business questions at @infinistorm.

UPDATE: Miss the interview? Check it out on the WZPL podcast here,

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