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Posted On: 6/1/2010 10:52:17 AM by adbaker

I've used TweetDeck on the iPhone for nearly a full year. I'm pretty satisfied with it so far. But some of the drawbacks that I've noticed recently are starting to really get to me. These drawbacks inspired me to review mobile Twitter clients.

Why I Love TweetDeck:

The interface is very familiar
The interface works exactly like you'd expect. If you're not familiar with TweetDeck desktop, the interface makes sense. Slide to see different views, click on a tweet to view a larger view, click the name to view more details about the user.

Quick View
A lot of times I am in a hurry and I just want to jump on Twitter to look at my mentions (@ replies), Direct Messages, or posts to a certain topic. By having multiple columns set up, I can scroll through and see the information that is relevant to me quickly.

Multiple Account Posting
My favorite feature is the ability to post to my Facebook and multiple Twitter accounts. I know that doing that doesn't allow for new content to be posted, but there are occasions when I feel like there are things I want to share with all of my followers across multiple accounts.

Why I Hate TweetDeck:

Can't View More Than 125 Tweets
I very rarely am on my iPhone and actually read all 125 posts in my stream. But, it's really annoying that I can't read back any further than that. Depending on the time of day, 125 tweets may only be half an hour of posts. There is no ability to load more tweets..

Quick Profile Feature Missing
I get extremely annoyed that this feature is missing. Let's say you wanted to see what @infinistorm is up to, you actually have to find a tweet from us in those 125 recent posts to be able to see our profile.

Can't Click Links In Profile
Once I find a profile for someone I'm interested in, I can follow them or see their recent tweets. In this Recent Tweets profile, you can't click any of the links at all. Since Quick Profile doesn't exist, I actually have to load up my Safari client on the iPhone to view.

In summary, the desktop client is a great piece of a software but the mobile app seems to miss several key pieces that the desktop client has. Most of these are a really big turn off for me.

So overall, I'd give TweetDeck an 8/10.

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