Understanding Your Website Needs

Posted On: 10/19/2009 11:00:23 PM by adbaker

In a perfect world, the search engines would realize that your business is the obvious choice for a certain keyword because you have a better product or better customer service than that other guy.  But, unfortunately, it isn't a perfect world and the engines don't know about your customer service (hint: write about it on your site's about us page).

So because of that, when we begin website projects with our customers, both creating new websites and updating existing sites, we expect to hear phrases like, "we need to be #1 in Google" or "we need 50,000 people to get to our site to be successful".  Depending on your market, you may be competing with 10,000 websites or 50,000,000.  And in the latter, achieving number one would be an uphill battle.

What our customers are really telling us is, we want or need our website to help us drive business.  Whether that is increasing conversions once a visitor lands on the site or if it is driving traffic to your website, Infinistorm can help.  Not only do we proactively help your site get ranked on search engines, we can help you to understand your website traffic and your customer's online buying process.

If you're looking to increase website traffic through search engine optimization or trying to get more customers to purchase some widgets from your site, give us at call at Infinistorm - 888-423-1337.  We're here to help you be more successful online.

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