Welcome Hijinks Ensue Fans!

Infinistorm and Hijinks Ensue have formed a technology partnership
As Fancy Bastards and long time readers of Hijinks Ensue, we have partnered up with Joel and want to help him continue to be successful with his Experiment. Below are some things that we think you'd find interesting about us at Infinistorm. As Joel describes us, we are Geeks' Geeks and we want to help you be more successful with your hosting, with website development, or to just waste time and look at funny pictures and videos.

Infinistorm VPS

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Infinistorm is launching our new VPS division in the upcoming weeks. We will be doing both Windows and Linux based VPS hosting. Our prices and sizes will be competitive with places like Media Temple. Please contact us if you are interested and we will be glad to get a proposal to you within 2 business days.


FileHurricane is a free image and video posting website.  The site has thousands of funny images and videos.  Check out our top viewed pictures or upload your own.  And best of all, it's completely free. You can upload to the site without registering.
Infinistorm LLC - Websites | SEO | Networking | IT Support

Infinistorm Website Development

Infinistorm develops and designs custom websites for small to medium sized businesses. In the Indianapolis, IN area, we also do on-site consulting and remote help desk. If you are interested in either service, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Geeks Behind Infinistorm

To get to know the geeks behind Infinistorm, we thought we'd give you three reasons each that we are geeks.

Alex Baker

Things that make Alex a geek Check Out Alex's Twitter

Joshua Starr

Things that make Joshua a geek
  • Huge Battlestar Galactica Fan
  • Programmer & IT Guru
  • Have Binary Clock and actually use it to tell time
Check Out Josh's Twitter