Case Study Group One Communications & the Indianapolis Zoobook

Posted On: 4/6/2009 3:14:08 PM

Group One Communications, located in Indianapolis, IN, is a publication company that publishes the Neighborhood Source and the Zoobook coupon book.  Their coupon book had their 25th year anniversary in 2009 and is a household name in Indiana.  The Zoobook has turned millions of dollars back into the community in Indianapolis.  They realized in early 2008 that their site was hard to maintain and overall was very dated.

Infinistorm was contracted to spice up the website’s layout, features, and the time it takes to update the site.  Infinistorm licensed their InfinityCMS, their content management system package, and customized it for Group One.  They built a fully customized coupon management system that completely manages the coupon book’s merchants, everything from locations and phone numbers to logos, menus, and price scale.  The original website hardly got updated because it took hours to remove a coupon or merchant from the site.  Now that the Zoobook site is fully dynamic, at the click of a button a merchant, coupon, or location can be removed from the website.

Group One Communication’s goal also was to increase sales and marketing strategies.  As part of the coupon management system, Infinistorm allowed each merchant to have a page hosted on the domain that has content related to the merchant.  This allowed for very deep pages into the site, which helped their search engine rankings and increased their website traffic.  Infinistorm also added an e-newsletter signup form so customers can receive regular updates from Group One.

The original site had averaged about 1500 visits per month during its peak time of year, which is just before and after the new Zoobook had released.  Since the site’s launch in August, the site has averaged 170 visits per day, which has more than tripled their peak months.  During the date range shown in Diagram 1, the site had averages over 560 visits per day.  During the same date range, 68% of their site’s total traffic had achieved a goal set by Group One.  Over 11,500 visits of their nearly 17,000 visits had resulted in someone making contact to Group One or ordering one of their products.

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