Case Study - Interstate Rentals

Posted On: 4/6/2009 3:06:00 PM
Interstate Rentals hired Infinistorm LLC to redesign their site
Interstate Rentals' original site that hadn't been updated in nearly 3 years
Interstate Rentals is a construction equipment rental company located in Valparaiso, Indiana.  While they weren’t well known in the Chicago area as well as the Midwest, they weren’t recognized nationally because most places never heard of them.  Interstate Rentals felt their site was very out of date and needed to be easy to update.  They contracted Infinistorm LLC, an Indianapolis based website development firm, to give their site a much needed revamp as well as a content management system to update the content easily.

Infinistorm created a web site that was easy to use and even easier to update.  They built a custom content management system for their website that allowed them to update product information, upload product photos, and request information for each specific product.  During the site development, Infinistorm LLC kept Interstate Rentals in the loop the whole time.  Interstate Rentals’ IT manager, Jason Brissette later talked about the experience with Infinistorm.

QuoteOne of the things I liked the most about working with the guys over at Infinistorm was how accommodating they were with regards to making changes to a design they had brainstormed. No matter what kind of great ideas they come up with (and they come up with a lot!) they completely understand that they are building YOUR web site and will assist you with your own design goals. The design process can be as iterative & involving as you want. You can go really hands-on with them and co-design the look and feel of your site, or you can let them brainstorm and present you with a couple different choices and tweak their ideas to fit your overall vision.
Interstate Rentals hired Infinistorm LLC to redesign their outdated website
Infinistorm LLC provided an easy to update content managed web site with an attractive new look
As part of the graphic design work that Infinistorm did, they presented several different designs for the site and let Interstate Rentals choose a look that worked best for their business.  Infinistorm then took Interstate’s suggestions and both agreed on a design that was both appealing to their customers as well as being representative of their business.

Interstate Rentals’ new site has been accepted extraordinarily well.  Shortly after the site launched, they received a large order of construction equipment rentals from Connecticut.  This large rental made the site revamp completely worth it.  Their online business has started to grow and they are looking to continue to advance their site to earn more profits off of the site.

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