Indianapolis Website Designers Infinistorm LLC give back to the Apple Mac Community

Posted On: 4/6/2009 3:13:27 PM
Infinistorm LLC gave back to the Mac community by developing an app for AdiumX creators, Infinistorm LLC, created an Office Space Quote Generator for AdiumX
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May. 2, 2008 --  Central Indiana web site designers, Infinistorm LLC, officially released an Office Space Random Quote Generator for AdiumX, a popular Apple Mac instant messaging client. The quote plugin sends a random Office Space quote to anyone that a user, who is using AdiumX, is sending an instant message to.

Infinistorm produced this plugin as a way of contributing to the Apple community - the more people contribute the more established communities become. Infinistorm Chief Technology Officer, Joshua Starr, says that "Infinistorm is a proven market leader that develops software and websites for a multitude of functions.  Infinistorm’s driving focus is on next generation technology, satisfied customers, and groundbreaking software."

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