Indianapolis Website Designers Infinistorm LLC launch Rockstars Auto Web Site

Posted On: 4/6/2009 3:08:03 PM
Infinistorm LLC designed a website for Rockstars Auto
Rockstars Auto hired Infinistorm to develop their new website
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Mar. 23, 2008 --  Central Indiana web site designers, Infinistorm LLC, officially launched the Rockstars Auto Reconditioning website, an Indianapolis based company who specializes in auto reconditioning.  The website launch shows Rockstars Auto’s dedication to awareness that total car part replacement is not always the best answer.  The service that Rockstars provides is both affordable and environmentally friendly.

Rockstars Auto has also dedicated their business to the Green initiative to help save the environment.  Rockstars Auto President, Brandon Harris, talks about this on their new website,  He says, “We will always try to repair the accident to your vehicle instead of just replacing your car with new parts and throwing the damaged parts away.   If we cannot avoid replacement to achieve the correct repair, any part that is removed will be sent to a recycling company.  Rockstars realizes that if we help educate consumers on the process behind reconditioning, more people will start to understand how easy it is to help protect our environment from unnecessary waste.” 

Rockstars Auto Reconditioning is also one of the first body shop companies in the state of Indiana to receive training to incorporate one of the first water based automotive paint systems in the Midwest.

Rockstars chose Infinistorm LLC because of the quality of work Infinistorm produces as well as the top notch customer service that they provide.  Infinistorm Chief Technology Officer, Joshua Starr, says that "Infinistorm is an industry proven leader in eye catching, functional Web 2.0 websites and easy to use content management systems (CMS).  Our business’s focus is on customer satisfaction and ground breaking technology."

Alex Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Infinistorm LLC (888-423-1337; Email:
Brandon Harris, President, Rockstars Auto (317-844-5880; Email:

Rockstars Auto Reconditioning works in Central Indiana to do a wide array of vehicle enhancements that can repair, renew, and restore any vehicle back to pre-accident condition without the high cost and inconvenience of traditional collision center methods.

Infinistorm LLC works in both Indiana and nationally to provide customers with affordable websites for small to medium sized businesses.  Infinistorm builds easy to use content management systems to help make businesses more efficient and make their website easily updatable.

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