Infinistorm's experts are capable of support and implementing data/network infrastructures that house web and email servers, switches, routers, modem racks, mass storage and other equipment. Infinistorm provides expert on-site and remote support for businesses who want to create a new network infrastructure, data center or already have one. Infinistorm has extensive experience with Cisco and HP hardware. We are able to provide immediate support for businesses in Central Indiana.

Active Directory Support

Infinistorm offers expertise in designing, deploying and troubleshooting complex Active Directory (AD) installations. We can address common AD issues such as replication problems, multi-domain partition configurations, corrupted AD objects, clean-up of legacy beta software configuration objects in production AD environments. We are also able to repair failed installations of AD and AD-integrated applications. Infinistorm offers expertise with expert AD tools such as REPADMIN, ADSIEDIT, NTDSUTIL, DCDIAG and NETDIAG.

Microsoft Exchange Server Expertise

Infinistorm is capable of assisting corporations with architecture, deployment, and troubleshooting of Exchange environments. Infinistorm has experience with migrations of Exchange environments from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003.

Server Virtualization

Infinistorm is an expert at assisting corporations with software virtualization of servers.  If your company is thinking about starting, or are alread in the middle of a virtualization project and need qualified experts that know VMWare ESX Server inside and out, we're ready to help.