Social Networking Tools

With the growing trend of Social Networking, Infinistorm LLC has embraced this new trend with open arms. Infinistorm is continuing with their cutting edge development and now offers to our customers, Twitter Mashups, and Facebook application development. We currently are developing several apps for the Twitter and Facebook platforms and will continue thinking outside of the box.

We, at Infinistorm, see the potential of applications developed on Twitter and Facebook and want to make sure that we can offer them to you. Check out our app, Survey Hurricane on Facebook today.

We also create and manage other social networking solutions for your business such as a MySpace page, Feedburner for your RSS news feeds, Twitter Mashups that integrate with your corporate website, and creating iGoogle widgets. When looking for a company that can take your business to the next level, Infinistorm LLC will help you achieve your goals.  Call us today at 888-423-1337!