Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Infinistorm VPS
Has your website finally gotten the traffic that it deserves? Experiencing the pains of having a website hosted on shared hosting with hundreds of other sites?  

We understand that sharing is good, but this is one instance where sharing can hurt your business.

With an Infinistorm Virtual Private Server (VPS) you can have a dedicated server that has dedicated disk space, RAM, and CPU without having to share any resources. 

Should your site's needs expand, Infinistorm can allocate more resources directly to your Virtual Private Server with no interruption to your business or your website.

We offer competitive packages that are priced right.

Shared Linux Hosting ($18.95/mo): 5GB space, burstable RAM, burstable CPU usage, and 500GB bandwidth

Thunder VPS ($34.95/mo): 10GB of space, 256MB Dedicated RAM, Dedicated CPU, and 500GB bandwidth

Storm VPS ($74.95/mo): 20GB of space, 512MB Dedicated RAM, Dedicated CPU, and 1TB bandwidth

Hurricane VPS ($114.95/mo): 30GB of space, 1GB Dedicated RAM, Dedicated CPU, and 2TB bandwidth

If you need a custom hosting plan, please give us a call at 888-423-1337 and we can discuss a package that works for you or your business.